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Did we mention that we're located in the heart of Ada's Arts District?  We're excited to be a part of this vibrant area and love showcasing local talent. When you visit The Lot, take a few minutes to see all the colorful murals located throughout the property.  From the entrance sign, the perimeter fence, the main bar, even our restrooms, The Lot is an ongoing, ever-growing, community art project!  

Jenna Feezel.jpg

Jenna Feezel

Jamie Stovall.jpg

Jamie Stovall   @jamiestovall44

Erica Eppler 2.jpg

Erica Eppler   @epplererica

Sponsored by EVEM Landscaping

Erica Eppler 1.jpg
Kellyn HMA.jpg

Kellyn Kimbrell  @sheskellynit

Sponsored by Happyland Music Alliance

Zach Junker.png

Zach Junker       @stepbackzach

Robert Stover

Dominic Lowry.jpg

Dominic Lowry

Ashlyn Yingling-Beckham 1.jpg

Ashlyn Yingling-Beckham   @_ashlyn.reece


Maci Neal           @mysticalmaci

Madison Murray 4.jpg
Madison Murray 1.jpg
Front sign.jpg

Larisa Bolin    @risaroo13

Madison Murray      @plain_ol_madi

Kylee Lee     @hello.flourish

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